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Four-Season Tankless Water Heaters - Assembled in the USA!

PrecisionTemp makes high-end, easy to use tankless propane and natural gas water heaters for RVs, boats, tiny houses, cabins, horse trailers, food trucks, mobile showers and pet grooming, and more.

We've been an authorized retailer since 2013 and have hundreds of happy customers. All items ship free to 48 United States direct from the PrecisionTemp manufacturing facility and warehouse located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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We use this water heater in our Tiny House on wheels. It heats up water quickly, even at elevation and cold weather in Colorado. It also vents through the floor, which reduces the ugly vents on the outside of our tiny house. It's the best product out there!

Jenna Spesard -

I love this unit. We live full-time in our rig. When I started considering a tankless water heater, I heard a lot of pros and cons. This unit has erased any doubt that tankless is the way to go. My rig has a full-sized bathtub and my wife loves that she can fill the tub completely with hot water. Although this unit is on the pricey side, it’s well worth the money. I did have a thermistor go bad, but PrecisionTemp's tech support walk me through diagnostics and got me up and running temporarily until the replacement part arrived. They were very helpful and impressive.

James F.

I took an hour-long shower to test this equipment: water temp from the faucet 50 degrees incoming, outgoing about 130 degrees and perfect HOT water, all I wanted. No running out of hot water anymore. Our 5th wheel has two full baths. I open all the faucets and the two showers at the same time and all HOT water. What a nice product! My only regret is not doing this before.


This was a replacement for the existing water heater in my 1996 Dutch Star motorhome. It fit perfectly and the installation was easy. The only difference was the position of the water lines, which was no big deal. It works perfectly.


I wish I hadn't waited so long to replace the 6 gallon Suburban that I had previously. I only need hot water a few times a day, and I love the convenience of not waiting. The temperature can be set so that it doesn't get uncomfortable and is very even. It works fine with my Oxygenics shower head. I did have to enlarge the hole in the side of my trailer after measuring carefully for the flanges, but the installation was straightforward. I bought the bare metal door and spray painted it to match my trailer. The freeze protection feature is a big plus.


It is literally the best upgrade we've ever done to our RV. I've had almost zero issues with mine over the 4 year,s and the issues I did have were minor and were quickly taken care of by PrecisionTemp's excellent customer service. The unit is well-built and the fit and finish is excellent. I recommend this product to every RVer out there.

James G.